Buying & Selling Residential Property

Professional Property Conveyancing To Suit Your Schedule

Our aim is to provide you with quality service without inconveniencing you. We do everything we can to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Some of the things we do when you engage our services are:

If you are selling:

  • Prepare the contract for the sale of land;
  • Draft the special conditions to suit you as an individual seller and protect your legal rights;
  • Liaise with the selling agent and forward to them a contract to enable them to market the property;
  • Liaise with your mortgagee to discharge your loan and obtain a payout figure;
  • Arrange for you to sign any documentation to transfer the title from you to the buyer;
  • Check the adjustment of rates and levies prepared by the purchaser;
  • Provide the purchaser with a direction on how to draw the balance of monies at settlement;
  • Bank the proceeds of sale into your account post settlement;
  • Provide you with a full breakdown of the sale;

If you are buying:

  • Thoroughly review the contract for sale of land and negotiate the terms and conditions to suit you personally and protect your legal interest;
  • Investigate the title and any issues that may arise and ensure you get the title free of any encumbrances at settlement;
  • Prepare the legal documentation relating to the transfer of land;
  • Calculate the adjustment of rates and levies and proportion them on a pro rata basis ensuring that the rates and levies are paid in full for that quarter/year by the seller;
  • Arrange the settlement with the vendor’s conveyancer and your mortgagee;
  • Pay any outstanding rates and/or levies; Keep you updated throughout the process.

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