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Transferring a Property without a contract for sale of land

People that transfer a property without the preparation of a contract for sale of land is generally between family members or friends. When transferring a property without a contract for sale and an independent agent, stamp duty on the property can only be determined by obtaining a stamp duty valuation conducted by a certified and licensed valuer. The report must state that the valuation is done for stamp duty purposes. Stamp duty is then levied on the amount that is higher so either, the price you are paying for the property or the value specified by the valuer. If the property is being transferred without monetary consideration, then the stamp duty levied is in accordance with the valuation of the property.

We can assist in obtaining a valuer to value the property for stamp duty purposes, then we can determine the amount of stamp duty payable.

Once you have agreed to proceed, we then draft the necessary documentation to transfer the title from the seller to the purchaser, liaise with the financial institutions, attend settlement and notify the relevant authorities that the property has been transferred.


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